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PRC Services Manager

Are you a Parks, Recreation, & Culture Services Manager looking at fitness program participant surveys?

Survey Topics

Here's a sample list of survey topics and approaches we have conducted on behalf of municipal clients:

  • PRC Master Plan Survey

  • Program Reviews & Assessments

  • Participant Feedback Surveys

  • Seniors Programs Surveys

  • Volunteer Development Surveys & Related Forms

  • Employee Engagement Survey

  • Arts & Heritage-related Surveys

  • Registered Program Participant  Satisfaction Feedback Program

  • Pickleball and Tennis Courts Survey

  • Off-Leash Dog Park Survey

  • Daycare Services Survey

  • Skills & Tools for Addressing Gossip in the Workplace Program

  • Staff Appreciation Event Survey

  • Violence in the Workplace Survey

  • Seniors/55+ Online Programs /Support Survey

Get the Community Insights You Need

Do great research! Wherever you are in the survey process, The W Group will help you cross the finish line.


Survey Research Design Methodology & Objectives

Effective design is the foundation of a successful survey. Tap into The W Group’s extensive experience and gain access to proven municipal question sets.

Our best-practice approach ensures your questions will meet objectives and speak to your target audience.

Save time and skip the frustration!




Questionnaire Review Filtering & Programming

Have you already prepared a questionnaire? There are numerous survey ‘pitfalls’ that a professional review can help you avoid.

We will review your questionnaire against a number of filters to ensure it has a high completion rate, is inclusive, considers political sensitivities, and mitigates potential backlash.

Get a professional survey review!




Survey Launch, Monitoring  Live Results View

A well-timed launch, with the right language and distribution, will get target respondents in the (virtual) door. Live monitoring helps keep them.


We will make minor tweaks as required to overcome potential barriers to survey completion.

Reach more respondents!




Survey Summary &
Data Delivery

Clean data is essential to getting the best, most accurate insights. Eliminate ‘noisy’ responses that don’t add value or muddy up your results.


It is impossible to know how skewed your results are without taking a really good look at the raw data.

Get the most accurate survey data!




Full Data Analysis & Report Preparation

The way data is summarized and presented can make all the difference in how insights are interpreted. A high-quality report will satisfy your objectives and support clear decision making.

Be confident in your report!



The Key to Outstanding Community Engagement

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Recreation Services Customer Feedback

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Neighbourhood Park
Sample Survey

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Let's Get in Touch

Let’s talk about how we can support your municipality with effective survey research and engagement solutions. 

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