Municipal Planning Survey 

Municipal Planner needing to do some community research?

Survey Topics

Here's a sampling list of survey topics and approaches we have conducted on behalf of municipal clients:

  • Official Community Plan Survey

  • Town Centre Planning Survey

  • Recreation Master Plan Survey

  • Pickleball Strategy Survey

  • Tennis Courts Planning Survey

  • Recreation Facility Programming Survey

  • Neighbourhood Amenities Survey

  • Affordable Housing Issues Survey

  • Neighbourhood Tool Kit Booking Form

  • Cemetery Usage Survey

  • Neighbourhood Concept Plan Survey

  • Bike Education Survey

  • Housing Choices Survey

  • Neighbourhood Beautification Program Application Form

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Municipal Case Studies
Beyond the Usual 10 Suspects

Moving past the vocal minority to gain representative input from your community.

3 Stages in Strategic Plan Consultation

Simple to apply framework for engaging residents in a strategic plan.

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Why Don't People Show up to Open Houses?

It is me or my cookies? How to boost attendance and engagement.

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