Municipal Engineering Planner Survey 

Engineering Planner looking for resident input on traffic calming?

Survey Topics 

Here's a sampling list of survey topics and approaches we have conducted on behalf of municipal clients:

  • Traffic Calming within Neighbourhoods

  • Road Realignment & Beautification

  • Third-Party Digital Billboard Signage

  • Bridge Replacement Options

  • Increasing Speed Limits on Specific Roadways

  • Pedestrian Safety Survey

  • Bicycle Lanes Planning

  • Transit Services Planning

  • Bylaw Enforcement Changes

  • Food Truck Program

  • Municipal Employee Commute and Transit/Carpooling

  • Traffic Flow within Neighbourhoods

  • Flood Adaptation Survey

  • Environmental Issue Related Survey

  • Road Safety Strategy Survey

  • Traffic Obstruction Permit Application Form

  • Waste Diversion Survey

  • Roadway/Greenway Functional Design Survey

  • Seasonal Yard Trimmings Survey

  • Plumbing Inspection Request Form

  • Building Inspection Request Form

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Municipal Case Studies
Traffic Calming Neighbourhood Survey
How a Speed-Limit Study Uncovered Parking Problems
Beyond the Usual 10 Suspects

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Canadian municipalities rely on for professional support services to conduct research, capture information, and educate online. provides its services on an individual, fee-for-service basis. Are you planning on developing a more formal community engagement program? Visit our primary website, The W, to learn how we can help you!

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