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About Us

The W Group, trusted by municipalities, is the leading Canadian municipal survey research service. We specialize in supporting individual municipal staff build and manage custom-designed community engagement programs.

Surveys by The W Group can provide full service support from helping to define survey research objectives all the way through to report preparation. Including but not limited to:


  • A review of your survey against industry best practices and municipal filters.

  • Survey design, programming, management, and deployment.

  • Data analysis and tailored reports.

  • Panel development and management.

  • Project page or portal to maximize community engagement.

 The W Group can help you gain the insights you need, skip the software learning curve, meet tight deadlines with quick turnarounds, all for less than you think. In most cases, without the need for an RFP.​ 


Contact us today - Kent Waugh, Managing Partner 604.613.5368 -


What We Stand For



To be a trusted partner for all Canadian Municipalities; enriching connections with their residents by building mutual trust and forming deeper insights for improved quality of life.



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To deliver effective research, feedback, and learning solutions in pursuit of building long-term engagement and community trust.



Trust: Trust is a fundamental pillar to all aspects of our operations. We strive to be a trusted municipal partner, leveraging unique subject-matter expertise to build and maintain community trust. We operate with sensitivity when it comes to the security of municipal information, following CASL and provincial FOIPPA compliance. 


Quality: We utilize best practices, employing proven methods that deliver high-quality solutions. Our team consists of, and partners with, subject matter experts dedicated to learning and embracing progress in their pursuit of excellence.


Insight Driven: Insight is more than data. Our expertise in research design and methodologies translates into meaningful, actionable, and accurate results. Insights provide clarity and understanding for decision makers, guiding municipal actions.


Lasting Impact: Data-driven decisions have a lasting impact. Through our work, we aspire to make a difference in the planning, design, and delivery of municipal facilities, initiatives, and programs.


Finding ‘Yes’: We value challenges because they encourage innovation. At The W Group, we are solution seekers with our client-partners’ best interest at heart. Our instinct is to go the extra mile to make ‘yes’ happen.

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