Municipal Communications Survey 

Communications Manager needing to do some community research?

Survey Topics

Here's a sampling list of survey topics and approaches we have conducted on behalf of municipal clients:

  • Marketing & Communications Survey

  • Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Website Satisfaction Survey

  • Website Redesign Survey

  • Social Media Quick Polls

  • Tourism Branding Survey

  • Digital Signage Support Survey

  • Customer Feedback & Complaint Management Forms

  • Performance - Audience Survey

  • Contact Forms & Info Requests

  • Cyber Safety Quiz

  • Contractor Performance Assessment

  • Cultural Needs Assessment Survey

  • Facility Booking Requests Form

  • Library Patron Survey

  • Writing Contest Entry Form

  • Recreation Guide Advertising Booking Form

  • Council Delegation Request Form

  • Invite the Mayor Form

  • Website Feedback Form

  • E-Newsletter Subscriber Survey 

  • Culture Days Festival Survey

  • Neighbourhood Commercial Centre Branding Survey

  • Non-Medical Cannabis Survey

  • Quality of Life Survey

  • Canada Day Exit Survey

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