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Included in every Surveys by project (where applicable):


  • Best Practices Design Support

  • Question Filtering Service for Political Sensitivities, Objectives and Timeline Satisfaction

  • Access to Sample Surveys/Forms

  • Desktop and Mobile Responsive Survey/Form Design

  • Design & Style Matching to Municipal Website and/or Project (Colour, Font Styles, Images)

  • Embedding Video, Images, Subscription Widgets, etc.

  • Contest Prize Draw Rules Template


  • Survey/Forms Software (FIPPA Compliant)

  • Privacy Impact Assessment - Software

  • Privacy Impact Assessment - Survey/Form

  • Sample FIPPA Statement 


  • Survey/Form Sample Promotional Messages (Email, Social Media, etc.)

  • Print Version of Questionnaire for Paper-based Completion (Word) 

  • Survey/Form Deployment and Completion Rate Monitoring

  • Survey/Form Technical Support

  • Print Version Data Entry - Optional

  • Deployment Rate Monitoring ( i.e. helping to prevent research fatigue)


  • Contest Prize Draw Winner Selection

  • Results Data Extraction (Excel)

  • Express Live Summary Report (Near Real Time Online Submission Monitoring) - Contact for Sample

  • Essentials Summary Report (Excel) – Optional - Contact for Sample

  • Topline Data Analysis Report (PowerPoint & Excel) – Optional - Contact for Sample

  • Detailed Data Analysis Report (PowerPoint & Excel) - Optional  - Contact for Sample