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Recreation Services Manager looking at fitness program participant surveys?

Survey Topics

Here's a sampling list of survey topics and approaches we have conducted on behalf of municipal clients:

  • Program Reviews & Assessments

  • Participant Feedback Surveys

  • Seniors Programs Surveys

  • Volunteer Development Surveys & Related Forms

  • Employee Engagement Survey

  • Arts & Heritage-related Surveys

  • Career Fair Survey

  • Registered Program Participant  Satisfaction Feedback Program

  • Daycare Services Survey

  • Skills & Tools for Addressing Gossip in the Workplace Program

  • Staff Appreciation Event Survey

  • Violence in the Workplace Assessment Survey

Let us help you conduct your community surveys:

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Other digital solutions we program:


Registration Forms   |   Website Inquiry Forms   |   Customer Feedback Forms   |   E-Learning Courses   |   Program Evaluations

Municipal Case Studies
Migrating Training to eLearning - WHMIS

Managing WorkSafe BC requirements using a Shared Resources model among municipalities.

Coming Soon

Engaging Employees with Quizzes

How municipalities are using simple quizzes to engage employees and reinforce knowledge.

Coming Soon

Digitizing Employee OnBoarding Forms 

Simplify onboarding new employees by digitizing the process.

Coming Soon