Capture the Information You Need.

Our highest demand service involves programming surveys for municipal clients. We can scale up or down our support according to your needs.

  • Survey Research Objectives & Methodology

  • Questionnaire Design

  • Questionnaire Programming & Testing

  • Survey Deployment and Monitoring

  • Respondent Recruitment Advice

  • Survey Research Data Analysis

  • 4 Levels of Data Analysis and Reporting

    • Express Live Report (included)​

    • Essentials (Export - Word/Excel)

    • Topline (PowerPoint)

    • Detailed (PowerPoint)

  • Incentive Prize Draw Management

  • Data Entry

  • Paper-based Questionnaire Design

Conduct Community Surveys

"Thanks so much guys! You saved my bacon by getting my survey programmed so quickly!" 

                            Jim, City Planner

"You are my secret weapon to getting my project surveys and forms prepped. I love skipping the software learning curve." 


                             Bryce, Engineer

"The little tweaks you made to my project survey made all the difference in the world. Thanks couldn't have got the same results without you."


                 Natasha, Parks Planner

Other 'clik'ables we program:


  • Registration Forms

  • Website Inquiry Forms

  • Customer Feedback Forms

  • eLearning Programs

  • Program Evaluations

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